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Congratulations, You've Earned College Credit!

Follow the Steps Outlined Below to Request Transcription of Credit Earned through the CTE Dual Credit program

During Winter quarter of 2022, Washington State Community and Technical Colleges have transitioned to a new data management software system - a project called ctcLink.  While the state is working to create a better method, ctcLink created additional steps for dual credit students to take in order to get the college credit they have earned posted to a college transcript.

* If you have questions, we have Zoom sessions scheduled to provide "Live" assistance – Schedule is posted on the Resources page *

Step 1: Verify Classes are Ready to be Transcribed

Review your SERS account to be sure that your class(es) are ready for transcription (registered, graded, marked as paid, and marked as complete), AND verify which college(s) you have earned credit from.  

  • Log into your SERS account on the CTE Dual Credit registration website - 
  • Click on the arrow next to “Registration"  to view drop-down options
  • From the drop-down options, Click "View History
  • Click “Details” (to the left of each class) to find out more information about each class (or click in the check box to "Show all Details")
    • Verify class is graded with a 'B' or above
    • Verify class is marked as “Completed” in the far-right column
    • Note which college your credit(s) is being awarded by
      • Bellevue College
      • Cascadia College
      • Edmonds College
      • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
      • Shoreline Community College
    • Fee Details must read “There are no outstanding SERS fees”

If your SERS account does not reflect that your class(es) are ready for transcription, see the solutions below:

  • If your class has not been graded or was graded incorrectly:
    • Ask your teacher to input your grade into SERS
    • Email PNWCC a copy of your high school report card 
  • If fees have not been marked as paid:
    • You can (maybe!) still pay!  There is a late fee of $15 assessed in addition to the $50 annual fee (a total of $65 per school year)
    • Make check or money order payable to PNWCC
      • Write the student's name on the memo line
      • Note which school year(s) payment should be applied to
    • Send payment to:
      • PNWCC c/o Bellevue College
      • 3000 Landerholm Circle SE  M/S N215
      • Bellevue WA 98007
    • If you believe you have already paid:
      • All student payments must be marked off manually in the SERS system - this means payment will not automatically be reflected 
        • Check your bank or credit card account to verify if funds have been debited.  If funds have been debited, email our office with the following subject line:  Please update SERS fee status for (insert student name)
      • Email proof of payment
  • Forget to register for a class that you have completed in a prior school year?  Email your report card to our team for review

Step 2: Follow Directions for College(s) You Earned Credit From

Bellevue College

Edmonds College 

Cascadia College

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

  • Email with the subject line: "Requesting Transcription from (insert college awarding credit) - (insert student name)"
  • We will contact the awarding college to request your credit be transcribed
  • The college registrar will email you at the address listed in your SERS account once your course(s) have been posted to your transcript
  • You can then view your transcript via ctcLink (online or app) 
  • Order a free official transcript via the online form on LWTech's website

Shoreline Community College

  • Your credit will automatically be transcribed during the summer quarter (transcripts are typically available by the end of August)
  • The college registrar will email you at the address listed in your SERS account once your course(s) have been posted to your transcript
  • Instructions for viewing or ordering transcripts
  • Questions?  Email: 

    View UNofficial or Order Official College Transcripts

    You can view your unofficial transcript online. If you are submitting an application to another college or university, you'll need to request your official transcript which carries the Registrar's signature and the College seal.  You can order official transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse, charges will apply - Lake WA IT and Shoreline CC both offer free official transcripts 

    Unofficial Transcripts

    Log into ctcLink to access your unofficial transcript:

    1. Click "Academics" in the sidebar menu
    2. Click "View Unofficial Transcript" in the submenu
    3. Click "View PDF" to either view or print your unofficial transcript

    Questions? Join a Zoom Session for Live Assistance 

    If you have questions or get stuck, attend a drop-in session!

    Amy is also available to meet individually with you via this link:  Book time with Amy